I’m recommending Mike’s diving school for lots of reasons. Mike has really helped me learn as a new driver; I had no confidence in a car before starting lessons with him and had never enjoyed driving lessons with my previous instructors. Mike’s honesty, patience and sense of humour have really helped to put me at ease and build my confidence to a point where I know I can succeed. His use of innovative techniques such as interactive software ‘in-car’ and on the spot examples and feedback mean I can, as someone who is not naturally a confident driver, see where I need to improve.

Mike offers a comprehensive service throughout the driving experience, including mock tests and ‘show me tell me’ questions. Advising me to use my smart-phone with Mike’s guided videos meant that I could learn the ins-and-outs of the car I have been learning in and allowed me to study in my own time. Mike has walked me through a number of ‘what if’ scenario’s and has thoroughly helped me to prepare for my test. For what you get Mike’s prices are nothing short of a bargain and well worth the outlay since he is focussed on not just getting his student’s through their test but also in making them safe and responsible drivers.

I know I can rely on Mike to always put me first and show the highest professional standards throughout and I’d like to thank him for being patient and allowing me to learn at my own pace. I would recommend Mike to any of my family or friends.

I had a few driving lessons when I was 17 - 18 but really felt as though I wasn’t getting anywhere. After two driving instructors I decided that it wasn’t for me and gave up believing that I just wasn’t a ‘driver’ my confidence was non-existent and I felt useless.

Then when I was 21 I was encouraged by a friend to start driving again as it was ‘now or never’. I felt really nervous and scared that I wouldn’t be able to do it. When I met Mike he made me feel comfortable and at ease. His teaching skills made sense and I found myself growing more confident each lesson. Basically through humour, tough love and determination I was able to learn to drive safely and pass my test with 1 driving fault.

I am glad that Mike was my instructor I think that I would never have learnt if it wasn’t for him, he kept me going even when I felt like giving up he wouldn’t let me. It is difficult to learn to drive but with the right support it makes it seem easy. I would recommend Mike to anyone and am really thankful for all the help he has given me, Thanks Mike!

Chelsea - Wolverhampton.

As a Mom I wanted my Daughter to learn to drive as soon as she became 17. I paid over £300.00 to a company to teach my Daughter to drive. However I became concerned when the Driving Instructor was telling me my Daughter was doing great, but my Daughter was telling me she didn’t want to learn to drive and the Instructor keeps shouting at me and telling me I am dangerous. That’s when I turned to Mike for his help. After only 1 lesson with Mike my Daughter wanted to continue to learn to drive.

Mike became my Daughters Instructor in December 2014. He had to start from the very beginning and build my Daughters confidence which had been destroyed by the previous instructor. He was kind calm and consistent, always making sure each lesson was on my Daughters agenda. After each lesson my Daughter would tell me what she had worked on and what they had planned together for the next lesson. Each week I could see how my Daughter was developing and growing as a new driver. She even drove around Birmingham city centre with Mike which is something I dread doing myself.

May 2015 my Daughter passed her driving test. This is solely down to Mikes expertise. I have recommended Mike to friends and family as I want them to have the right driving instructor first time. So if your young adults are important to you then Mike is the right driving instructor for you.

Charlotte – Gornal.

Before I was introduced to Mike as a driving instructor, I was having lessons from elsewhere, I had almost 3 years of weekly lessons when I failed my test, quite miserably. My previous instructor was very set in his ways, & extremely negative, as he spoke a lot about failing, I couldn't even do an emergency stop after 3 years! After failing with 3 majors & over 25 minors, I soon got dropped from his school. .

Then a friend of mine told me to try Mike, & I found him extremely helpful, positive, & I felt comfortable with him in the car. He used methods of teaching that i'd not been taught before, things were made to appear much simpler, & his methods really suited me. Things were really varied up, I went on completely different routes that i'd not been before, & even had a few lessons in the dark! (Which I would definitely recommend). I soon felt a more confident driver, with enough experience to try my test again. I got my test date pretty soon after starting with Mike, & unlike my first instructor, the word 'fail' was never used, & I went on to pass with only 4 minors, even though I understand Mike has had a few clean sheets, 4 minors is pretty amazing too, just like the instructor himself! I was amazed how quickly I passed & how smoothly it went. Also, how calm I felt under the test conditions, due to Mikes influence. The training was clear, very easy to learn and comfortable. Mike is very knowledgeable within his field and nothing is too much to ask. I have been a driver now for 4 years, & I still continue to recommend Mike to friends, family & customers. & will always continue to do so. .

Laura Harkin.

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